Welcome to the fun fact pages where we will post interesting facts for your enjoyment!Thailand is the 50th largest country in the world; most nearly equal in size to Spain.LARGEST SHRIMP TOM YUM SOUP EVER MADE!

Who?: Departement of industrial Promotion
When?: November 18th 1999
Where?: Thailand
What?: 1,099.85 gallonHer majesty the Queen Sirikit was one of the most beautiful women in the 20th Century.The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. The real name of Bangkok is the longest in the world. Try saying and spelling this!

“KrungThepMahaNakhonAmonRattanakosinMahintharaAyutthayaMahadi lokPhopNoppharatRatchathaniBuriromUdomRatchaniwetMahasathanA monPhimanAwatanSathitSakkathattiyaWitsanuKamprasit”

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