As the leaves change colour in the fall, the aromatic and distinct Thai Basil Leaf is celebrated in our Crispy Basil Festival as a beautiful garnish and fragrant flavour in the following dishes…


Crispy Basil Drunken Noodles (AKA new and improved Pad Kee Mao) is a delectable dish of chewy large rice noodles, fresh vegetables and delicious Thai basil. This perfect combination of savoury aromatics is topped with crispy basil- adding texture while elevating your experience by offering a signature herb unique to Thai cuisine as an edible garnish and main ingredient.

Other starring dishes in the Crispy Basil Festival are our signature Basil Fried Rice: a beloved dish on our menu, and our Basil Stir-fry (also available as a Pad Salad) a healthy and satisfying option,  which all incorporate Thai basil as a featured ingredient and as a crispy fried garnish.

Thai Express also introduces Sticky Thai Chicken Wings, another twist on a favourite: The new crispy whole Thai chicken wings are now available in a choice of 2 sauces: the Sweet Thai sauce for those who like it sweet, and a spicy Thairacha sauce for those who crave a little heat in the fall season. Both are also topped with crispy fried basil.Chef recommends ordering Drunken Noodles spicy as it is best enjoyed with a frosty beverage.

DID YOU KNOW it is called Drunken Noodles not because there is alcohol in them? Legend has it that it is a great hangover cure created with the ingredients its drunken creator could find handy. Another origin story is that the original dish was so spicy, one would drink so much beer to cool down and consequently get drunk.

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