Move over Oktoberfest we have the Thai Sausage Fest all season long! Thai Express celebrates the fall with three flavoursome Thai sausage dishes that will have your taste buds dancing, it’s a sausage p-a-r-t-y!


Featuring the new chicken Thai Sausage packed with bona fide Southeast Asian aromatics like kafir lime and lemongrass. It’s literally bursting with flavour. Served up hot, you can have it as an appetizer or add it to your favourite dish.


Looking like a snack? Ditch the bun and try this hand held street food inspired dish! 2 crisp lettuce Thai sausage wraps topped with fresh herbs and fried shallots, it’s the perfect low carb, protein packed option.


A new twist on a fan fave, our Sausage fried rice serves up Thai basil and is loaded with extra vegetables and 2 whole Thai sausages for a protein packed and balanced meal. Welcome to flavour town!

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