Newsweek’s Favorite Restaurant Chains

Thai Express awarded one of the best noodle restaurants in the USA.

Newsweek selected the awards based on “The awards are based on the results of a survey of more than 4,000 customers and employees of restaurant chains in the U.S. This year there are 220 winners in 16 categories.” With over 100,000 chains locations in the USA, the awards were based on eaters favourites.

At Thai Express we are proud to be voted one of the top restaurants in the noodle category. With our signature noodle dishes ranging from Pad Thai to Pad See Ew, and with our wide selection of soups like our Thai Chicken, there is a hot dish for everyone to enjoy when they choose Thai Express. We were honoured to be awarded a 4-star rating.

This award in Newsweek marks our first for 2023 and we are excited to serve you more amazing noodle dishes this year! Stay tuned for our seasonal dishes and remember to discover our many dishes every day of the week with our in-store special the Discovery Menu.

Check out the full list of restaurants awarded in 2023 by Newsweek here: Link