Thai Express is committed to participating in communities across Canada through sponsorships and select donations. We support registered non-profit organizations and charities whose mandates complement our identified focal areas.


Our focal areas are:



Financial support or goods to non-profit organizations.


Material support to organizations or events to sponsor events..

Criteria for Donations

The criteria for an organization to receive a charitable donation from Thai Express:

  • They must be involved in the company’s four areas of focus: community, health, education, environment
  • They must be registered as a charity and Thai Express must receive a charitable donation receipt.
  • The organization’s activities must mainly rely on volunteers.
  • Administration expenses cannot exceed 15% of revenues.
  • Have written long-term goals and objectives;
  • Be in line with Thai Express’s culture, values and business objectives

Please note the request must be accompanied by supporting documents demonstrating the contribution of the organization or project to improving quality of life in the community. An appendix may be included to present a detailed description of the project or the organization and any other relevant documentation. 

Criteria for Sponsorships

The organizations, projects or events that Thai Express partners with must be in line with our culture, values and business objectives. Sponsorships must allow Thai Express to showcase our brand and food offering. Sponsorship requests must meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Respect
  • Customer experience
  • Quality
  • Thai heart

Funding Restrictions

Thai Express will not fund or engage with charities, non-profits or organization as follows:

  • Whose project that does not fall under the sectors prioritized by Thai Express
  • Whose financial situation raises concerns of Thai Express
  • Who is involved in the abuse of human rights;
  • Discriminates on grounds of race, creed, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability or age;
  • That is directly or indirectly involved in gambling, recreational or illegal drugs, tobacco, armaments or alcohol;
  • That causes harm to animals for the purposes of either sport or entertainment;
  • That has activities which involve significant damage to the environment;
  • To political and advocacy groups or endowments;
  • To organizations, initiatives or events whose administration expenses exceed 15% of revenues

Termination of Support

Thai Express reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate support for a community involvement initiative, event or program when:

  • A situation arises that creates a conflict with this policy or our Code of Ethics.
  • The initiative, event or program no longer supports the best interests of the community.
  • The terms of the agreement are not being met;
  • Evidence of misconduct or conflict of interest becomes known;