Mango General Thai Chicken

With summer in the air, Thai Express wants you to experience a little taste of paradise. Inspired by Island vibes, Mango General Thai Chicken is this summer’s attention grabber and will have you craving and wanting more! Mango is the star of this dish, as it highlights bits of mango with sweet Thai sauce that make for the perfect combination of sweet and savory.


With the success of last summer’s #GoRiceless campaign, we are again encouraging our clients to eat healthier
with our new Cauliflower Rice Summer Bowls. Thai Express features 3 glorious options for the vegan, the dieter and for the gourmand, looking for a break on their calorie count.


Completely vegan and dairy free, our new Pandan Thai Ice Tea is made from robust black tea, creamy coconut milk, and the aromatic tropical undertone of the Pandan Leaf (a tropical super food rich with vitamins like Betacarotene and vitamin C common in South East Asia).

Discovery Menu

Thai Express yourself everyday of the week! For only $10.88 enjoy a different dish daily, with a 20oz fountain drink or Imperial roll.

Thai My Cake

If you thought cupcakes were cute, make way for “THAI MY CAKE IN A BOX” decadent cakes packaged in a mini version of Thai Express’ iconic takeout out box.

Unbox and discover CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE and WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE WITH PINEAPPLE as these tasty treats are layered with some your favorite flavors and textures providing a mouthful of sweet sweet joy! End all your meals happy and “THAI MY CAKE IN A BOX”.

Sausage Fest

Move over Oktoberfest we have the Thai Sausage Fest all season long! Thai Express celebrates the fall with three flavoursome Thai sausage dishes that will have your taste buds dancing, it’s a sausage p-a-r-t-y!