General Thai Ghost

GENERAL GHOST FRIED RICE has crispy bits of seasoned GENERAL THAI CHICKEN Tossed up hot with onions and peppers served with a simple and delicious basil fried rice (no sauce). You know what they say, double the trouble, double the fun! ORDER ONLINE

Surf N Turf

Thairacha Surf & Turf Pad See Ew is a combination of shrimp and beef remixed with our spicy and sweet Thairacha sauce it’s a double duo of deliciousness. Some dishes are just destined for glory! ORDER ONLINE

Dumplings Drippers

Dumpling Drippers are fried dumplings that are dripping with choice of Thairacha or Sweet Chili sauce. The perfect way to start or finish any meal. It’s double the drip, who says you can’t double dip?!? ORDER ONLINE


Completely vegan and dairy free, our new Pandan Thai Ice Tea is made from robust black tea, creamy coconut milk, and the aromatic tropical undertone of the Pandan Leaf (a tropical super food rich with vitamins like Betacarotene and vitamin C common in South East Asia).

Thai My Cake

If you thought cupcakes were cute, make way for “THAI MY CAKE IN A BOX” decadent cakes packaged in a mini version of Thai Express’ iconic takeout out box.

Unbox and discover CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE and WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE WITH PINEAPPLE as these tasty treats are layered with some your favorite flavors and textures providing a mouthful of sweet sweet joy! End all your meals happy and “THAI MY CAKE IN A BOX”.

Sausage Fest

Move over Oktoberfest we have the Thai Sausage Fest all season long! Thai Express celebrates the fall with three flavoursome Thai sausage dishes that will have your taste buds dancing, it’s a sausage p-a-r-t-y!