Tote Bag

Saving the environment and saving 10% is as easy as…. Buy our re-usable Thai Tote for only $10 Each time you show your Thai Tote at Thai Express you save 10% off a minimum $10 purchase! Save with each visit for an entire year as this promotion is valid till December 31 2021!

Go Rice-less & Vegan Cashew Pad See Ew

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Same Same But Vegan

Did you know that many of Thai Express’s popular dishes can be served vegan? Check out all our Vegan options below for plant-based alternatives to your favourite Thai dishes: FRAGRANT RICE BASIL FRIED RICE THAI FRIED RICE SAVOURY STIR-FRIES CHOOSE FROM THESE STIR-FRY FLAVOURS 1. Basil2. Cashew3. Ginger4. Lemongrass5. Soya Garlic6. Sweet & Sour   […]