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Thaï Heart – Franchisee Spotlight

Meet Ahmad, a shining Franchisee with two Thaï Express locations. ​

Ahmad is a skilled operator who consistently adheres to our brand standards and procedures. His attention to detail and commitment to maintaining a high level of quality at both his locations is truly commendable. He understands the importance of consistency and excels in embodying our core values.​

He is not just a franchisee; he is a brand advocate who helps Thaï  Express grow.​

Ahmad goes the extra mile to test and refine new procedures, making them more efficient and practical;  which contributes to the overall growth and quality enhancement.​

Ahmad consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customers leave his locations with a smile. His involvement in the local community, through donations and marketing efforts, solidifies his place as a valued community member.​

His passion, commitment, and positive approach make him an invaluable asset to Thaï  Express. We are proud to have him as a part of our family.​

Don’t be shy, go say hi! You can find Ahmad at either of his two locations: ​

  1. Kanata
  2. Ottawa